Lane Lewis has dedicated his life to serving the people of Houston. The proud son of a teacher and factory supervisor in Pasadena, Texas, Lane understood from an early age the value of hard work and helping others. 



Social Work

Lane began his career of service as a licensed Social Worker in Houston. He discovered a passion for helping others during his first job in the field, working with adolescents.  The youth he worked with struggled with poverty, abuse, abandonment, drugs and alcohol.

After working with these young people in residential facilities, Lane began working at a psychiatric hospital in the medical center, working with groups and individuals in a psychiatric setting. 

Lane’s experience working in the psychiatric hospital, connecting with people from a wide array of backgrounds, compelled him to return to non-profit work.

He co-founded a youth center to help get young people off the streets and back into school. During this time, he used his Social Work license to help children, teens, adults, and seniors face seemingly insurmountable challenges. Lane worked tirelessly at his paying job during the day and at his non-profit work at night to meet the needs of those who depended on him.




Lane’s passions for helping at-risk young people led him to further his own education and work to improve the education of children.

Lane graduated Cum Laude from the University of Houston, Downtown and earned straight As during his Master’s in Education program while teaching at San Jacinto College. A highly successful elementary school teacher, he later worked as the chief compliance officer for a charter school before opening an insurance agency.




Active Citizen

Lane learned early in his career the importance of political organizations in helping others. During his Social Work days, Lane served as an adviser to the City’s Health and Human Services department. Through his service to our City, Lane proved himself an invaluable asset to our community.

Lane was an appointee of Mayors Bob Lanier, Lee Brown, and Bill White. He served as an adviser to the Houston Police Department for over two decades on the Police Advisory Committee, the Citizen Review Committee, the Administrative Discipline Committee and the Police Academy.